Claire Bode Academic Editing

Academic Editing

I'm an editor specializing in academic publications (dissertations, journal articles) as well as grant proposals and public policy reports.

I have a teaching endorsement in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), so I welcome authors who are English language learners.

Hire me, and I will edit your dissertation or journal article for:

  • Compliance with APA 7 or Chicago Manual of Style 17

  • Your grad school's or your target journal's formatting requirements

  • Transitions and flow

  • Verb tense

  • Concise language and active voice

  • Punctuation and spelling

  • Parallel syntax

I'll also conduct a reference audit to make sure each in-text citation has a corresponding entry in the references list (and vice versa). I'll format your reference entries to ensure they comply with the necessary style guide, too.

My Approach

Let's work as partners until your draft is ready for submission. My goal is to preserve your voice, style, and ideas by weeding out errors and distracting language.

With dissertations, I perform line editing (a heavy copy edit), formatting, a reference audit, and a final proofread. For this full service, I charge by the page. This project rate includes fixing errors if the manuscript gets kicked back to you by the university compliance people.

What is my typical process for editing dissertations?

Ok, here goes. You will:

  • check with advisor/major professor to ensure professional editing is permitted.

  • schedule a free video consult, or contact me via phone or email to discuss process, timeline.

  • (if moving forward with editing services) sign a services agreement, outlining deadlines and rates.

I then:

  • complete the first round of edits (using MS Word track changes) that includes catching errors in word use, verb tense, and punctuation. I also suggest rewording sentences to improve clarity and flow.

  • complete a reference audit.

  • return document to you to accept/reject suggested edits (in MS Word).

  • (once you send back to me) complete proofread and format document to grad school specifications.

  • return two documents to you: one MS Word with all edits accepted, one with Track Changes showing.

  • send you an invoice.

How long does all of this take?

Depending on my schedule, the length of the dissertation, and the level of editing needed, I can usually complete the first edit in 8-9 days. I do charge a higher per-page rush rate for jobs that need a faster timeline.

I look forward to working with you!